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Some people swear by video editing Apps for the phone, but I’m not one of them.



Here are five good reasons to plug your phone in right now, get those video clips off the device and make them work for you.



1. We’re all fingers and thumbs


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It’s a matter of physics, really.


Even for the most nimbly-fingered, editing on a phone is about as easy as playing chopsticks on a piano in a doll’s house.


Your fingers and thumbs are probably just too big for a device that is designed to be small.




2. You need your phone for other stuff too

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While you’re busy editing, you might miss out on the latest storm breaking WhatsApp.


You may even miss out on those things called phone calls.


I heard a good story from a Mojo guru who was standing in a queue at the bank, editing on his phone. At a crucial moment, a call came through, and caused him to exclaim in exasperation, “Why do people keep ringing my camera?”



3. It’s very, very, very difficult to see anything

reading glasses


Unless you have the eagle vision of X-Man Angel, you just can’t see your shots properly on the phone.


Is it sharp or blurry?


What’s that thing in the corner of the frame? Is it a bird or a plane?


Give it up, you’re not superhuman.




4. You’re automatically backing up your footage



Editing on a laptop means that your footage is definitely, certainly, undoubtedly backed up.


So if you lose your phone, or accidentally delete your footage on the go, your shots live on in a safe place.


Providing you don’t use the laptop of course. Duplicate onto a separate hard drive also if you want to ease the unbelievable stress of losing footage.




5. You can do so much more with basic editing software




There is no denying how sophisticated some editing apps have become and they will continue to develop.


But they’re no match for a decent piece of editing software.


Our current favourite is Filmora 9, a budget editing suite that runs across Mac and PC.



d it, have a go, and you’ll never look back.

(Which also saves your eyesight 🙂



Niamh Guckian is the Director of Go Motion Academy
Providing Training in Video for Social Media & Digital Marketing