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How high will you go?

April 4, 2017

Video quality is a decision, and a state of mind. It’s not just about money or resources. It’s about intent.


If we think about video quality like a pyramid, with content like Superbowl ads balancing on the pointy top, and a cat doing something fuzzy-n-cute right at the other end, it can be a bit perplexing for content marketers who dream of video gold.


Will we ever reach the dizzying heights of the energy drink gangbusters? Or should we content ourselves to aim slightly higher than UGC, do the best we can with a relatively small budget, and hope for a happy viral accident?


The pointiest point is that we have to decide before we do anything.

We must decide where on the pyramid we will aim our arrow and ask ourselves why.


Aiming for the top? Go for it. That might mean blowing the whole year’s marketing budget on a humdinger of a video, which is a gamble that might just pay big.


The opposing alternative - to take direct aim right at the bottom of the pyramid is risky, but we might have a smart reason. Our audience may like that stuff, it might suit our brand, it could work well for our resources.


It’s lateral but at least it’s a decision.


While we’re still deciding, we can consider other options. We might shoot for halfway up. Maybe a third from the bottom. A fifth up from a third down…

Which begs the question: why would we aim anywhere except for as close to the top as we can get?


Landing the actual arrow on the actual target is a whole different challenge, as any archer will confirm.

But we have no chance of succeeding at all if we don’t take aim at the best possible spot.

Aim as high as you possibly can with your video content and you’re always at least half way to the top.




Niamh Guckian is the Director of Go Motion Academy

Providing Training in Video for Social Media & Digital Marketing

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We trawl the web for video goodies so you don't have to.

Get a monthly fix in your Inbox!

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