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Video Sharing Is Video Caring

April 4, 2017

Sometimes at the end of a 'Video For Business' training session, when participants have finished their corporate video pieces and are getting set to send them on the online journey, I ask a last-minute check question.


'Are you prepared to share this content on your own personal social channels?'


More often than not, this triggers some mildly anxious pen-chewing.


Now, this is not a question of quality, as these pieces have been finished to a high standard.

This is a question of authenticity.


It can be difficult for any content producer, beginner and expert alike, to ignore the distracting thoughts about whose eyes will be watching. What will the boss say? Will your colleagues high-five? As a trainer, the worst case is that it's a video for my eyes only.


The piece should be, of course, for the clearly pre-defined audience you have identified as your target on social channels and beyond.


The piece is for your customer.


But it also has to speak of you. You are the light bulb, the torch bearer, the seer and the maker. If there is no connection between the real you, and the you-at-the-desk with your video, then your work will be hollow and fake. It will attempt and fail to be anything for anyone anywhere.


If you don't like the piece and if it doesn't sit well with you, sleep on it and ask how it could be a bit more 'you'. If necessary, re-visit your pictures and sounds and test the video for personality.

You don't have to reflect your Self Of The Weekend, but neither do you have to channel your Self Of The Job Interview.


Video is stealing a march because it's emotive and relatable.

So your content needs to be both of those things and true to the values that have you turning up at your desk every day.


With video more than any other content, before you share, you definitely need to care.




Niamh Guckian is the Director of Go Motion Academy

Providing Training in Video for Social Media & Digital Marketing

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We trawl the web for video goodies so you don't have to.

Get a monthly fix in your Inbox!

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