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Enter if you dare: the strange world of Crunchy Slime

July 26, 2017


Every so often when you follow the breadcrumbs through the vast forest of video content online, you stumble upon a strange little place that you never knew was there, even though, by the number of footprints around, maybe in their millions, you realise that you might be the last person to have made this discovery.


This is how I felt recently when I landed in the world of Crunchy Slime.

Yes, it's exactly as it sounds, and it's all about the sound - of slime that is crunchy.


A close relative of those strange whispering videos that were all over YouTube some years back, Crunchy Slime is a relatively new member of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) family.

To paraphrase Wikipedia, ASMR videos trigger feelings of "low-grade euphoria" in certain viewers. This is bubble-wrap popping for the video generation.

From the numerous 'make-my-ultimate-crunchy-slime' tutorials, the substance itself appears to be nothing less than environmental nihilism.


Take some brightly-coloured gunk from the toy shop, or make your own goo, apparently from glue and body lotion. Sprinkle in some polystyrene balls (no worries about microbeads here) and you've got yourself some Grade A Crunch Action.


Then manipulate by hand, stretch and re-shape and stretch again, and make a not-unexpected but surprisingly mesmerising crunching sound. One can only hazard a toxic guess at where it slides off to when it stops being quite so crunchy and starts being quite stinky after all that pulling and squeezing.


Ok, so this probably sounds like a very niche pursuit, and one of those gateway internet things you'd rather not get into in case it leads to darker things like live pencil-paring. This is the less-than-euphoric feeling triggered in me by these videos.


But then, I looked at the viewing figures. Holy Guacamole. The numbers are very crunchable indeed. Millions and zillions, and upwards if you get into the recipes and how-to-make demos.


And the countless comments in YouTube are warm 'n' gooey ecstasy.


'was so cruchy like yasss'

'Omg the sound at 1:30'

'When I heard the crunch I just died'


I'm not sure what the learning is here, apart from how to make Hot Cheeto slime (that's a real recipe). Open-mindedness could be one - an appreciation of a highly specific form of entertainment that is soothing for the very many.

And mainly, the proof once again, that where there's a niche, there's a video.


Here, try another one:





Niamh Guckian is the Director of Go Motion Academy

Providing Training in Video for Social Media & Digital Marketing


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We trawl the web for video goodies so you don't have to.

Get a monthly fix in your Inbox!

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