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How To Power Your Pack Shots into Video

August 23, 2017

If your business is ecommercial and product-centric, you have no doubt invested in high-end pack shots to showcase your wares.

These high-quality images directly communicate a perceived value to your customer, and that is why they are so crucial, and so expensive to produce.

They have to be perfect.

And really, on the day of your product shoot, you know you should be shooting some video, (because everyone knows you should be shooting video :), but the priority absolutely has to be those product shots.


Perfect shots take time, and that's the primary purpose of the day.


But once you have those hi-res images in your hands - and do make sure to get the photographer to hand over the biggest file versions - there is lots of scope for bonus movie material. 


The Mighty GIF
Even at the most basic level, you could try making a GIF.


GIF images are not going away. There are the GIF's that we all know and love:



But they can also look like this:


 (Images from the Pop Art collection by luxury Irish jewellery brand Edge Only)


Gifmaker is a truly brilliant online tool, which allows you to upload your own images, select the order to show them in, vary the speed of the GIF and add music from a YouTube URL.


And most amazingly of all, it allows you to download not just a GIF, but also an MP4 video animation. 


No editing software is necessary. All you need is your hard-earned hi-res pics, and Gifmaker will use up to 300 of those puppies to make you a handy little GIF and video of your products that you can splash around your social channels.


Cut-out pics work particularly well, because a white background allows the images to blend together quite seamlessly.


GIF's look great on Twitter and Instagram. Not so great on Facebook, which is why you're better off using your GIF for a quick shot on Twitter and Instagram, and natively uploading your video file to Facebook.


So next time you're stressed about getting some video content of your product, and you didn't get the chance to shoot any actual video on the pack shot day, reach for a GIF!



Niamh Guckian is the Director of Go Motion Academy

Providing Training in Video for Social Media & Digital Marketing


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We trawl the web for video goodies so you don't have to.

Get a monthly fix in your Inbox!

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