​​Ever noticed that ‘courage’ is the stem of the word ‘encouragement’?

Just thought I’d mention that!

Because courage – not fancy cameras or filters – courage is all we need to get over ourselves, get on with it and make a video.


Recently, I’ve been very inspired by Vogue’s ground-breaking ‘Beauty Secrets‘ series.

Clocking up 90 episodes at this point, it’s billed as an ‘intimate series that takes us into the bathroom with well-known and beloved beauty, fashion, and pop culture faces.’

A pretty salacious billing for what is basically a make-up tutorial strand.



Watch as A-list celebs transform themselves from those make-up free pictures we and the tabloids are so fond of, to the face we’re used to seeing looking out from a screen or magazine.

What’s so revolutionary is that celebrities who have spent years dodging the paps who snap them in this raw state, are now offering themselves up to Vogue and viewers and taking back their power.

It is truly arresting to see the likes of Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow without a scrap of make-up on their albeit lovely but strangely bare faces.



What is the buy-in for them? It can’t just be the money.



I want to believe it is something to do with trying to be truly authentic for us out here and there, topped with a good dollop of throwing caution to the wind.



The most amazing one I’ve watched is this one by Cindy Crawford. Here is a woman who spent years as one of the top supermodels in history, still stunning but undeniably ageing, showing us visually that she is in fact a real person with a real ageing face, and talking us through a make-up routine in an incredibly honest and personal way.


You might think, well, it’s easy for Cindy Crawford, I mean she’s gorgeous even with the paint off. But I would imagine it’s even harder for her than for us ordinary mortals.

Here is a woman who had the most talented make-up artists in the world (and she gives them the credit) at her disposal every single day for years. She probably never had a bad face day. And yet she quite fearlessly shows us what she really looks like underneath, and lets us know that she’s okay with that.



I think this takes huge courage.



The fear that people, especially women, have of putting themselves on camera is holding all of us back.

It’s holding back the thousands of women who have something to say but are too busy worrying about their appearance to say it.

And it’s holding back the people who would like in turn to hear what you have to say.



So if you’re looking for the courage to start making videos for LinkedIn, this is bravery in a bottle. Drink every drop of it and get going!





Niamh Guckian is the Director of Go Motion Academy
Providing Training in Video for Social Media & Digital Marketing