The demo video is the backbone of online viewing, no question.


Any video that answers a ‘How do I…?’ conundrum, and answers it well, is destined for viewing vavoom.


That’s why it’s such a useful format for business video – taking all that inside expertise and showing us how it’s done.


This is one of the best examples we’ve ever come across.


How To Brew Coffee In A French Press was produced by the Stumptown Coffee Roasters.


Obvious you might think, I already know how to do that.
But actually…most of us don’t, not properly.


And anyway, the How To piece, delivered by a very likeable and expert barista, is only the half of it.


The rest of the video is packed with humour and ingenuity (just see what they do when they wait four minutes in real time for the coffee to brew!)




Niamh Guckian is the Founder of Go Motion Academy.
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